May 26, 2015

Leaps and Bounds

Nearly two months ago I got the opportunity to work with Mantrology and Equal Vision records to design the artwork for the Hanumen’s upcoming album Leaps and Bounds. For a while, their new pre-mastered album tracks were the only music on my iphone. I even set one of their songs as my alarm clock (true story). Needless to say, my slight obsession only raised the bar for me to create an album artwork and design that could live up to the music.

In early March, I talked with Gaura Vani, the producer and one of the artists for the Hanumen, and we got the ball rolling.

Just a few of many album drafts

There was a lot of material and visual exploration. From paintings, to collage, to drawing and even stitching through paper –I tried to consider all as many possibilities as I could. The making of an album cover included cutting up tiny pieces of paper from National Geographic, lots of patience, and of course making a huge mess.

This was the original artwork. I used my hand wood-burner to texture the surface with burn marks and to even melt some of the printer ink right off of the paper.



The process of designing the final album artwork was as multi layered and as the artwork itself. It required me to think about the material that I work with in a very different way. I designed this layout and printed it out multiple times and then I either cut, painted or burnt through it dozens of times.

Leaps and Bounds is scheduled to be released on June 30 2015, and the Hanumen will be going on tour to promote their new album soon after that. You can preview or buy one of their songs now on itunes.

Original scans
Rukmini3 Rukmini4
Rukmini5 1

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