about Rukmini


Bio: Rukmini Poddar is an artist, illustrator, designer and big smiley face. She currently lives in NYC and works as a designer for The Bhakti Center. When she’s not drawing other people’s emotions, she spends her time contemplating her own. She even made a book and exhibited all her complex emotions at her first ever art show in August 2017.

My process: I work deliberately; I think analytically and provide purposeful reasoning. I work intuitively; I do what feels most genuine.

Other interests & skills: I am a certified yoga teacher, I am a fan of 100-day-projects (i’ve done three of them already!) I illustrate my emotions and even published a book. I’ve showcased my artwork in 2 different art exhibitions in New York City and i’m a real nerd when it comes to the enneagram.

I also love email. No, it’s actually true. Send me a message at